Separation of Samples

Please ensure that when submitting products for both Micro and Chemistry, separate samples are given and the box/bag clearly states what department they are to be directed to  This will ensure that samples are registered, received and tested as efficiently as possible.

Nutritional analysis turnaround

Any samples that require a turn around time of less than 5 days need to be agreed with the lab before submission.  This will ensure that samples can be processed with priority upon arrival at the lab and results can be delivered on time.

Swab submissions - minimum number of swabs required

To ensure that all microbiological tests can be performed on swabs submitted to the laboratory, customers should ensure that the correct number of swabs are submitted per swabbing site. This will ensure that the laboratory is able to carry out all testing requested, preventing issues with analyses not being possible due to insufficient swabs being provided.

The minimum number of swabs required is:

  • Listeria presence/absence:    1 x separate stick/sponge swab 
  • Salmonella presence/absence:    1 x separate stick/sponge swab
  • Enumeration tests for hand and environmental swabs (e.g. TVC, Enterobacteriaceae, Staph aureus):    1 x separate stick swab - more than one enumeration test can be carried out on the same swab.

For instance, 2 x swabs would be required for an area requiring Listeria, TVC and Enterobacteriaceae testing - one swab for the enumeration tests and a separate swab for the Listeria test.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the laboratory for assistance on 01782 822355.




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