Inclusion of date/time taken for swabs and water sampling

To comply with UKAS requirements for testing, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that any water and environmental swabs submitted are taken and sent such that they can be tested - ideally within 4 hours, or as a maximum within 24 hours - of being taken within the factory. The time and date the sample was taken must be detailed in the sample description.


Sulphur Dioxide Testing

We are currently unable to perform SO2 testing in-house due to technical issues, which we are working hard to resolve. We can subcontract out the work for an accredited test at another laboratory, this can be booked under the sub-contract option in the Chemistry section of NetPortal. We hope to be able to offer the service in house shortly, in the meantime please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.Unfortunately, this subcontracted test has resulted in an increase of price to 52 pounds per sample. 



Intertek has launched a new testing service to identify if COVID-19 is present on surfaces in your premises. Environmental monitoring of key areas such as door handles, PIN pads, desks, computers, phones, etc, can provide a proactive approach to reducing the risk of spreading the virus and provide reassurance to your colleagues and customers.

The testing is relevant for any type of facility, including restaurants, shops, factories, offices, transportation and schools.

Surface hygiene testing can be performed by Intertek experts at customer sites by taking swabs of specific surface areas, or through customers pre-ordering these and following instructions to take the swabs themselves.

Swabs are transported to the Intertek laboratory where tests are carried out using a method of procedure called PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction).

By testing environmental surfaces in this way, facilities can monitor the effectiveness of their hygiene protocols and plan management action such as isolating areas to allow further cleaning. 

Contact us today at to discuss how COVID-19 Surface Hygiene Testing can protect your premises, colleagues and customers.

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