Notifying Us Of Incorrect Submissions

If you notice you have made an error following submission of samples via NetPortal, and re-register samples correctly, please notify the laboratory as soon as possible so that duplicated batches can be cancelled. This is important to avoid multiple/incorrect batches.

Please e-mail and with full details (i.e. the NetPortal reference, type and time of submission etc.) for the samples requiring cancellation.

Water & Swab Submissions 

The maximum timeframe between sampling and testing of water and environmental samples (swabs and airplates) taken for microbiological analysis is part of the regulatory requirements. Both ISO18593:2018 and The Microbiology of Drinking Water (Part 2) state that testing should commence as early as is practicable, but in any event within 24 hours of sampling.

In order to ensure that we are compliant with the regulations, all water and environmental samples submitted for analysis must include a date and time of sampling. This information will then be recorded against the sample details and be available on an approved completed report.

Should samples be submitted without a sampling date / time they will be considered as deviating from the procedure and will, therefore, fall outside the current scope of UKAS accreditation.

Separation of Samples & Sample labelling
Please ensure that when submitting products for both Micro and Chemistry, separate samples are given and the box/bag clearly states what department they are to be directed to  This will ensure that samples are registered, received and tested as efficiently as possible.  Please also make sure that each package has your customer name written on the outside.

Nutritional analysis turnaround

Any samples that require a turn around time of less than 5 days need to be agreed with the lab before submission.  This will ensure that samples can be processed with priority upon arrival at the lab and results can be delivered on time.  Please note that Sunday is not classed as a working day in the Nutritional lab so please consider this when selecting your turnaround.





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