Test method update - for clients that order Meat Speciation testing by ELISA using the SPECIES suite and SPECIES-H suite:

Please be aware that the 'Poultry by ELISA' test result included in the above meat speciation suites is able to detect only Chicken, Turkey and Pheasant species. The test does not detect other types of poultry such as Duck and Geese and should not be used for this purpose. 

If you require Duck species analysis please select the test '#* - Duck by PCR' (available via the Select Individual Test menu) for detection of Duck by a DNA-based analysis. 


Update to Milk and Casein Allergen Swabbing

At Intertek, we understand the critical nature of accuracy in analysis and allergens are of key importance to our customers across the board.  As such, we have been working closely with our allergen supplier to continuously validate and improve accuracy of analysis of our allergens, particularly allergen swabs. 

Through this process, we have identified that should customers require testing for milk protein and casein, then please ensure 2 separate swabs are provided, clearly marked, for each analysis. To achieve the most accurate results we need an individual swab for each test rather than using one swab for both. Through our work with the supplier, supplier manufacturer guidance has been amended for this analysis.


Inclusion of date/time taken for swabs and water sampling

To comply with UKAS requirements for testing, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that any water and environmental swabs submitted are taken and sent such that they can be tested - ideally within 4 hours, or as a maximum within 24 hours - of being taken within the factory. The time and date the sample was taken must be detailed in the sample description.

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